Friday 7 October 2016


9.9 km 12368 steps 916 kcal.  Generally the walk is accessible to the able bodied, except the Mill.  Very muddy in a couple of spots.  A few of the stiles need replacing and footpath markers in a few spots would improve ease of navigation.

Footpath 13 between Mill and Bucks Copse. Stile in very poor condition.

Footpath 13 closed - has been on off since 22 dec 2015. No obvious works

Gate TLC needed

Swing gate looking a little tired and wobbly.  South of 9 by B2177.

Swing gate uncovered

More work needed later.  Footpath 7 200m after pylon heading south.  No footpath signage visible.

Hedge trimming


A slight addition, I am going to link in footpaths 2 (part), 7 and 9.  Starting at Boarhunt Parish Hall and heading towards the B2177.