Friday, 7 October 2016


9.9 km 12368 steps 916 kcal.  Generally the walk is accessible to the able bodied, except the Mill.  Very muddy in a couple of spots.  A few of the stiles need replacing and footpath markers in a few spots would improve ease of navigation.

Footpath 13 between Mill and Bucks Copse. Stile in very poor condition.

Footpath 13 closed - has been on off since 22 dec 2015. No obvious works

Gate TLC needed

Swing gate looking a little tired and wobbly.  South of 9 by B2177.

Swing gate uncovered

More work needed later.  Footpath 7 200m after pylon heading south.  No footpath signage visible.

Hedge trimming


A slight addition, I am going to link in footpaths 2 (part), 7 and 9.  Starting at Boarhunt Parish Hall and heading towards the B2177.

First Walk

First walk today to check Boarhunt footpaths 12, 13 (part) and 11 (part).  Starting at Wine Cross, following 12 and 13 to Boarhunt Mill then Bere Farm, then North on 11 to the B2177.

The weather is grey, and has been dry for a few days.

Thursday, 15 September 2016

First post

I set this blog up to help me record details about the footpaths of the Parish of Boarhunt, Hampshire, UK.  I regularly walk the footpaths of Boarhunt as part of my role of a Parish Councillor, this blog allows me to easily record my findings on things like access, maintenance and cleanliness.

I don't expect this to be of any interest to anyone but myself, but feel free to get in touch if you want a chat.